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Theory of Mind

Theory of Mind was founded by a husband and wife pair who share a passion for education and learning. New devices and technology are enabling tools which can greatly facilitate learning for smaller children. With these tools Theory of Mind creates fun, interactive playgrounds that enrich learning abilities and enhance the educational experience especially for younger learners.

Theory of Mindthe ability to understand that others’ perception, knowledge, and perspective are different than one’s own. This realization is a fundamental social skill developed in early childhood.

Robert, Co-founder

Robert is an electrical engineer through and through with a penchant for teaching and learning. Robert received his BS and MS at Stanford University in Electrical Engineering and is currently working for Intel. Projects and interest include everything from hardware and software design to optics and physics. When not engaged in engineering projects, Robert can be found with his first love, his wife.

Jennifer, Co-founder

Jennifer is a nursery school teacher at Stanford’s Bing Nursery School. She received her BA in Human Biology with emphasis in Child and Adolescent Development from Stanford University. Jennifer’s specialty is teaching and interacting with small children especially developing cognitive and fine motor skills. She is an accomplished singer and designer. Jennifer has a passion for crafting and making things especially projects with jewelry, candles, or knitting.

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